Our Expertise

Our core expertise is 3D Visualisations and Real-Time rendering. Due our core expertise we can transfer it to software and game development. In that way we can combine multiple services that are close to each other in one total package with stunning results. With all the knowledge of our team we can give additional advice and services to our customers in a much better way. We always go to the core with as much detail in our final documents to give the best information possible to our customers.

Who are we?

We are motivated and strive only for better results. How? Well, we get our social media and forums up-to-date and listen to feedback from our customers and clients. We work togheter with you and this can achieve better results. As people share their minds, they achieve something better. It also allows to create a steady connection that leads into a better personalised service on a higher level.

Visualisation &

From architectural visualisation to concept designs, we create it in stunning visuals with the possibility for VR and real-time walkthrough.


Software & Game

In need of a custom software or application upgrade? Search no further we got you covered. Our team will work in close contact with you with regular updates about the progress.


IT/ICT Solutions &

In need of any IT/ICT related solutions? From new hardware to consultancy and advice, our team can make the best choice for everything you need.


Cyberthreads &

Pro-active cyberthread analyses and virus decoding. Reverse engineering of any software, virus or problems within legal rights. We can use those information to increase the security on the digital world.


Game Development

Seralath [MMO Racing - In Development]

Seralath, a online racing game that connects people. High end graphics and smooth gameplay. Phase 1 is focused on PC but we are planning to released it Cross-Platform. Stay tuned!


Game Development

AntiCore - Rise of The Shadowlord [MMORPG - In Development]

Talking about scale huh? Well this is gonna be gigantic. It is so big we had to splice it up into 7 parts! Well yea, keep in touch and get some special benefits on release.


We are XiRho

Making the best solution(s) for every individual or business on a personal level with an eye on details. Advice and reasons why we do it in a clear language that everyone understands.


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